Episode #2: Keeping Lower Grade Students Engaged with a Socratic Discussion

"I bought Reading Roadmaps last year, intending to use it to teach a 4-6 grade literature class at our homeschool co-op this year. However, I found it didn't give me enough information as to how the actual class time should go and how to hold the kids' interest. Asking socratic discussion questions to a group of eighteen 4th to 6th graders for 55 minutes every week wouldn't work well...I ended up using interactive literature notebooks instead, combined with comprehension review games because they love games! Do you have any extra guidance for using Reading Roadmaps or any of your curriculum in a weekly classroom situation? Can you make a game out of socratic questions (I find that comprehension questions work better for games because there's a more definitive right or wrong answer). Have you ever used your curriculum to teach a roomful of wiggly children in a weekly classroom situation?" -Becky