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Too busy to handle one more scheduled live class? Internet connection unreliable? Prefer moving at your own pace? Want the freedom to choose your books? Now you can join The CenterForLit Online Academy on your own schedule!

In response to popular demand, we have compiled four year-long courses composed of our favorite classic book discussions archived from the 7 years of our Online Academy's history. Titles include Junior High Literature, American Literature, British Literature, and World Literature.

We have also added 3 extra recordings per course, for a total of 12 classic titles (live classes only get 9 per year!), plus a special session from Headmaster Adam Andrews introducing our unique method for literary reading.

Each course includes:

  • An introduction to our method for literary reading with Adam Andrews

  • Audio recordings of 12 complete, 2-hour Socratic discussions of classic titles from American, British, World, and Junior High Literature, delivered in both CD and mp3 formats

  • A teacher reference booklet containing:

    • A brief primer on leading Socratic discussions

    • A step-by-step guide to administering the course and marking student progress

    • Detailed notes on every recording included in the compilation, along with:

    • Historical context about the life of each included author

    • Detailed Setting, Character, and Plot summaries for each title

    • A completed Story Chart for each title

All four courses are now available for pre-order. Completed orders will be shipped beginning on August 1, 2018.

Visit each collection below to explore!

Prefer to build your own course? Choose titles from our Mix-and-Match library here!