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Replay – CenterForLit Lecture Series: The Seven Laws of Teaching and Other Myths

Seven Laws.png

CenterForLit director Adam Andrews examines the well-known list of rules for successful teachers and offers fresh insights on each one, suggesting that in some ways, breaking these rules is the best way to succeed!

Adam meets teachers right where they are and offers practical tips for getting the most out of the teacher-student relationship, both inside and outside the classroom.

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to Oct 26

"Teachers in Service: Refresh and Recharge" Available to Annual Subscribers!


In this seminar, Adam Andrews leads teachers and parents through the process of developing a personal philosophy of education over the course of four engaging sessions. These guided conversations and reflections on some of the tradition’s great works offer the encouragement and fellowship best afforded by common human experience. By meditating on the purpose of education, the teacher, the student, and practical approaches, participants will find themselves refreshed and recharged to return to their important work with peace, energy, and vision.

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to Oct 5

Replay: Raising a Worldview Detective

Raising a Worldview Detective.png

How do you teach your students to apply a “Christian Worldview” to the books they read, the movies they watch and the culture they live in? The answer to this important question may surprise you, for well-meaning Christians often misunderstand the basic principles of worldview analysis. This misunderstanding can prevent Christian students from thinking clearly about contemporary culture.

Adam Andrews guides a discussion about avoiding a serious (though common) teaching mistake and presents three steps for understanding a story-teller on his own terms. Be empowered to uncover, identify and evaluate an artist’s worldview for yourself – and to teach your students to do the same.

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