Office Hours: Grading a Socratic Discussion

September 22, 2016

Talking about books is great! You get to discuss important ideas, your students learn to think well, it builds relationships, and you're even pretty sure that it might be the central activity to a good education. But there's just one thing nagging at in blazes are you supposed to grade your student on a conversation?? I mean, we'd all do away with grades if we could, but there is that pesky transcript thing.

Time for another Office Hours! We've told you that Socratic discussions are the bomb, and now we won't leave you in the dark when it comes to thinking about some practical details. And with the new school year beginning, we figured it'd be a good time to have this conversation. Take a break from the back-to-school busyness to gather with the Pelicans and brainstorm about grading a Socratic discussion!