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New Forum Instructions and Chance to Win $30 Amazon Gift Card!


It’s finally here! We’ve got a brand new Pelican Forum. But while we wait for the old conversations to be integrated back in by our web developer, it looks awfully empty! So to encourage filling up the new forum as quickly as possible, we are running a new Pelican Question.

Navigate to the topic “Pelican Question” and comment in the “Introduce Yourself!” thread before the new year (January 1, 2019) for a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card.

A couple of new things that you’ll notice:

– Your Pelican Society website log in automatically gets you into the forum. No more logging in twice! Just make sure that you do not change your profile information from inside the forum. This will break that link. Only change your username and password from your main account.

– The categories have been reorganized so that it’s easier to find the conversations you’re interested in. Don’t forget that there’s a whole category for the Pelican Book Club! So if you can’t join our meetings live, you can still participate!

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Online Seminar Archives Now Available to Annual Members!


A new section of The Pelican Society is now open to our annual subscribers! We have begun the process of uploading our online seminar archives, beginning with Adam’s first Teachers in Service course, to this library. Over the coming months, other titles will include Missy’s Making the Leap seminar (a course on transitioning from picture books to some of the tradition’s more challenging works) and our Intensive seminars on titles like The Scarlet Letter and Pride and Prejudice.

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New Pelican Question: Back-to-School Rituals (Deadline: August 24th)


A new Pelican Question has been posted in the Pelican Forum!

What rituals and traditions does your family observe on the first day of school (even if its not in the fall)? What have you done in the past or plan to do now to set a good tone for the year? What helps you feel prepared for the new academic calendar?

Post in this thread by August 24th for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Coldstone Creamery (or an ice cream shop near you). Be sure to hashtag your post #pelicanquestion – this will make the conversation searchable in the Muut top bar.


Over the last year we have been blessed to see this posse grow a great deal, and now that we have so many voices and perspectives in our group, we would really love the chance to get some good community conversation happening inside the forum. If we've learned anything these past two years, it's that there is no encouragement quite like Pelican encouragement! So to that end, we're going to start implementing the “Pelican Question.” We'll do this about twice a month. We'll post a topic for conversation, and whoever participates in the thread will automatically be entered to win a sweet prize.

Go to the Pelican forum, search "#pelicanquestion," and reply to our newest post to get started! 

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The Great Pelican Book Club Reading Schedule Shuffle!
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The Great Pelican Book Club Reading Schedule Shuffle!

Pelican Book Club.jpg

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we've shuffled around the reading assignments for All the Light We Cannot See to get us through the book just a little more quickly. The discussion dates look the same for May and June, but the new readings will allow us to still maintain a slower pace without stretching the novel out past the point of interest. :) And, of course, as an added benefit it will allow us to move on to our next selection sooner, at which point we will be incorporating a bi-weekly discussion (also due to popular Pelican demand). 

The Book Club webpage, which you can find by clicking the button below, has been updated to reflect these changes. 

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm at our recent discussion meeting! We had such a blast and were completely blown away, and look forward to making these get togethers a more frequent part of our lives!

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New Free Teacher Guide: Picture Book Collection


 Here at CenterForLit we talk long and loud about the benefits of using picture books to practice good reading. They're shorter, and the elements of fiction are usually more pronounced – but the ideas can be just as meaty! Now we're putting our money where our mouth is and providing you with a brand new collection, written by Missy Andrews, of teacher guides on four beautiful children's books for your next free selection. Whether you use them to introduce your youngsters to discussing stories or enjoy them as a good reminder with your older students, we hope your family will have fun with these classic picture books!

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New Episode of Ask Missy: Enthusiasm Over the Long Haul
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New Episode of Ask Missy: Enthusiasm Over the Long Haul

As a mom of 5, I find it very easy to push my eldest exuberantly forward due to my own enthusiasm and excitement that we finally get to read this book or the other. At the same time, I find myself realizing that the 5 year old and the toddler have actually not heard some of the books we read aloud repeatedly when the older 2 were young. And then, sometimes, I just can't figure out what I've done with the middle child. ;) How can I make sure that 1) We do not exasperate or expect too much too soon of the older children. 2) The younger kids don't "miss out" due to the fact that I forgot that just because I read a title 37 times doesn't mean I read it to them. And 3) I maintain the same level of enthusiasm and passion over the long haul, not fizzling out on the younger children. I want to make sure that the youngest get every bit the same delight and enthusiasm! Thanks! –Amy

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Receive a discount on your Teachers In Service: Identity registration!


Are you ready for the post-holiday slog? Christmas is behind us and spring break seems a million miles away. Meanwhile, unmet goals and unfulfilled expectations threaten to sabotage your classroom even before the tinsel comes down.

Just in time for the "dog days of winter," director Adam Andrews leads another Teachers In Service event for parents and teachers seeking to avoid the winter blues!

Our theme this January is Identity, and we'll be asking and answering questions like Where Does My Identity Come From? Who Are My Students, and Who Says? What Are My Most Important Goals? and What is the Definition of Success as a Teacher? Our goal is to remember who we really are and what we're really striving for, and to build each other up for a 2018 full of rest and peace.

It is not necessary to have attended the August 2017 Teachers in Service seminar to benefit from this one. However, for those who did join us in August, our goal will be to look deeper into our creaturehood as a reinforcement of the definitions of "education," "teacher," and "student" that we developed last time. 

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4:00 PM16:00

Next Pelican Book Club Announced!


Nothing calls for cuddling up in a blanket on a cool fall day quite like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. A Pelican suggestion, we landed on this title because we think you'll also appreciate the length of this novel during these busy back-to-school days. 

But short certainly does not mean shallow. This book is brimming with juicy ideas for us to discuss together. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the man-made monster and his god-like creator Thursday November 16th at 4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST!

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Office Hours: Reading Journals

Whether it's journaling, commonplacing, or copybooks, keeping notes on what you read can be a great way engage with the material and make sure it stays with you after you turn the last page. It can most certainly offer a more human alternative to the worksheet or comprehension question for a student. 

But why is that true? What is the purpose of a reading journal, and what kinds of things should we encourage our students to journal about? How do we make sure that even in our journaling we are not "using" literature or disrespecting the author? And where do we start?

Join us on Thursday November 2nd at 1:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm EST for a conversation on this very issue!

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