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New Episode of Ask Missy: Enthusiasm Over the Long Haul

As a mom of 5, I find it very easy to push my eldest exuberantly forward due to my own enthusiasm and excitement that we finally get to read this book or the other. At the same time, I find myself realizing that the 5 year old and the toddler have actually not heard some of the books we read aloud repeatedly when the older 2 were young. And then, sometimes, I just can't figure out what I've done with the middle child. ;) How can I make sure that 1) We do not exasperate or expect too much too soon of the older children. 2) The younger kids don't "miss out" due to the fact that I forgot that just because I read a title 37 times doesn't mean I read it to them. And 3) I maintain the same level of enthusiasm and passion over the long haul, not fizzling out on the younger children. I want to make sure that the youngest get every bit the same delight and enthusiasm! Thanks! –Amy