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The Great Pelican Book Club Reading Schedule Shuffle!

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Due to overwhelming popular demand, we've shuffled around the reading assignments for All the Light We Cannot See to get us through the book just a little more quickly. The discussion dates look the same for May and June, but the new readings will allow us to still maintain a slower pace without stretching the novel out past the point of interest. :) And, of course, as an added benefit it will allow us to move on to our next selection sooner, at which point we will be incorporating a bi-weekly discussion (also due to popular Pelican demand). 

The Book Club webpage, which you can find by clicking the button below, has been updated to reflect these changes. 

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm at our recent discussion meeting! We had such a blast and were completely blown away, and look forward to making these get togethers a more frequent part of our lives!