Pelican Society Tour and FAQ


A welcome and general introduction to the features of Pelican Society membership.

Learn how to change plans, edit your profile, view billing details, and manage other membership account basics.

Discover how to take advantage of Pelican Society shopping discounts on CenterForLit materials and Academy registrations.

Learn how to navigate the Quick Card Library, a growing collection of short reference cards outlining the basic structural elements of classic stories.

Learn how to navigate our library of teacher guides, 20-30 page guides for individual classic works, keyed to the Teaching the Classics Socratic list of questions and accompanied by answers to help prepare the literature teacher.

Learn how to explore our library of audiobooks, performed by CenterForLit staff.

Learn how to register and attend our live Office Hours events, as well as access archived recordings of past webinars.

Learn how to sign up for Pelican Book Club, view the schedule of coming titles and meetings, and access the archive of past sessions.

A tour of the Pelican Forum, a place for fostering Pelican community, conversation, and troubleshooting.

Discover the CenterForLit Lecture Series, a growing archive of talks on a variety of topics that will equip and encourage parents, teachers, and readers.

Tour CenterForLit Master Classes, featuring courses on teaching and reading skills, available to Annual and Premium Pelican Society subscribers.

Learn how to access our digital streaming service for the Teaching the Classics seminar, available to Premium Pelican Society members.