2019 Office Hours Schedule

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January 17: “But I don’t have time to read!”

The best literary conversations with our students take place when all parties have read the book at hand. But how are we supposed to keep up in the midst of our busy lives?

February 21: How to Mark a Book - and Other Useful Acts of Vandalism

We’ll be sharing tips that will encourage active reading and attention to detail.

March 14: Worldview through the Great books 

How do we get our students thinking about the eternal questions and Great Ideas in a compelling way?

April 18: The Art of Literary Conversation – PUtting Authors in DIalogue

Syntopical reading – it’s the Great Conversation and the highest goal of good reading. How do we get started??

May 23: Starting a Pelican BOok Club for Kids

You love your book club, so how can you create the same fun and engaging environment for your kids? It’s a Pelican Book Club starter kit!

June 27: Organizing LIterary Field Trips

We’ll be talking about how to make literature come alive by organizing fun outings around books and authors you love – even if you’re not close to any “literary monuments!”

July 25: Loving Your student Through the Book List – Designing Personalized Reading for Each Child

Books are a love language around here. How can we utilize that to craft uniquely suited reading lists for those we hold dear?

August 22: Why It Matters - An Apology for the Liberal Arts

Why do we spend all this time immersed in literature, history, and the arts? Do you ever feel like you’re wasting time?

September 26: Keeping a Literature NOtebook

We’ll be sharing tips on how you and your students can keep track of your reading in a way that will be valuable to you in years to come!

October 24: Teaching the “Good” Books as Gateways to the Greats

What is a good book? How is it different than a great book and how can it serve our literary journey?

November 21: What's Really Expected of the Home Schooler?

So many expectations! Do you really have to meet them all to succeed as a homeschooling parent?

December 19: Creating a LIterary Advent

How can literature help us contemplate what’s truly important about this season in the midst of busy holiday schedules?

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