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This original Teacher Guide is yours to keep as a Pelican Society member.  Click to download your free copy. Pelican Society members also have exclusive and complimentary access to all of our individual, published Teacher Guides.  

What are Teacher Guides?

Our teacher guides will help you apply the Teaching the Classics method to individual works of literature in the classroom.  Each guide is a complete Socratic discussion of a particular story with questions addressing all five elements of fiction (conflict, plot, setting, characters, and theme) as well as context and stylistic devices.

Questions in each discussion are drawn from our exclusive Socratic list and include answers keyed to page numbers in the text of Teaching the Classics. Each teacher guide also includes completed story charts and suggestions for writing assignments. 

Teacher guides are delivered instantly as downloadable PDF files. Explore our library by following the link below. Call our office (509) 738-2837 if you have any questions. 

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