Office Hours: Pulp Fiction

October 20, 2016

No, no, no...we're not talking about Uma Thurman. We're talking about those paperbacks your kids like to read that didn't quite make the cut for the Great Books collection. And by "didn't quite make the cut," we mean they didn't even come close and never will. And if we're being perfectly honest, we grown-ups aren't the biggest fans of grabbing Plato or Dostoevsky on our way out the door to the beach either... 

So what about those best-sellers? The stories may be interesting, but the language and imagery probably aren't feeding our souls...or are they? What is the place of pulp fiction in our own and in our students' reading lists? How often are we "allowed" to read them instead of a classic? Let's grab our hot tea and apple cider and gather together for our next Office Hours brainstorming session this month!