Office Hours: Teaching with Socratic Discussion

July 7, 2016

Socrates. It's one of those dusty old names that you know is really important, seems a little beyond your reach, and makes you feel kind of insufficient. Add to that the fact that there's an entire method of teaching named after this illusive figure which you've been told is the one critical key to your child's success... and now you just want to either give up or cry!

But there's no need! Let's dial it back a bit. Let's forget about the unnecessary pressure that comes with the word "Socratic" and focus on the basics. It's just about questions! And while they may not save the universe, questions can be a really helpful tool for really engaging your students with the subject material at hand and leaving them with a lasting impression of what you teach. 

This July in Office Hours we're talking about Socratic Discussion, and we're going to reveal the man behind the curtain. We'll figure out what this method means and why it's useful, and strategize together about how you can begin to implement it in your classroom. We hope we'll see you for our next Pelican Society coffee date on July 7 at 1:00 PST/ 4:00 EST!