Teacher Guide: The Iliad of Homer

Greek warrior and demi-god Achilleus responds wrathfully when King Agamemnon greedily repossesses the war trophy he first gifted, the woman Briseis; withdrawing from the heat of battle with the Trojans, Achilles sulks by his own black ships, mourning for Briseis and subjecting his people to the painful effects of his bitterness. 

Teacher Guide: The Odyssey of Homer

[Originally published in Ready Readers: High School Literature, Vol. 1]

After ten years of fighting at Troy, Odysseus finally sets sail for home. Along the way he encounters many trials and dangers that take another ten years of his life. He finally returns to his kingdom only to find that his wife is plagued by suitors who are trying to usurp his position. Enjoy a lively and deep discussion of this beloved pillar of Western Civilization without fear or intimidation!